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Calda Tinta Matte Grey Plastic

Calda Tinta Matte Grey Plastic

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A classic sunglass silhouette gets the Bajío upgrade with more stronger and lighter bio-based nylon frames enhanced with soft-yet-grippy rubber contact points. Fresh Eyes™polarized lens technology reduces glare and blue light transmission, making long days on the water far less strenuous on the eyes.

Grey Plastic Lens

Tinta Matte Frames

Some guides have an easy style that masks a wealth of earned knowledge and experience. They’ve been there, done that, and loved every minute of it. They’re not trying to impress anyone—that’s simply how they live. The Calda is a classic frame that doesn’t try; it just looks cool just because it is 

  • Frame Material:Sport
  • Lens Material:Plastic
  • Size:Medium
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