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Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs Wheels 78a 63mm - Blue/White Swirl Glossy

Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs Wheels 78a 63mm - Blue/White Swirl Glossy

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Fatty Hawgs are possibly the most versatile cruiser wheel in our lineup. Measuring 63mm tall by 50mm wide, they do everything you could want a cruiser wheel to do. They grip when you want to carve deep and slip when you need to kick them out and shed speed. The high-quality 78a urethane formula means that they also roll faster and further with every push.

Stone-ground vs Glossy - Hawgs Wheels recently added 2 Fatties to the lineup that have a gloss/slick finish, as opposed to the the scrubbed finish they typically use. Gloss wheels come with a sticky/tacky rolling surface - on a Stone-ground wheel this layer is removed after the wheels are poured. The gloss versions will be grippier out of the box, making them better for hard carves, but once you wear through the gloss layer they perform the same as scrubbed. The reason most wheels like this come scrubbed is so that you don't have to break-in your wheels - sliding gloss wheels, to break them in, can be very challenging and sometimes results in flat-spots.

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