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Nippers Black Matte Blue Mirror Glass

Nippers Black Matte Blue Mirror Glass

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The casual style of the Nippers disguises a deep list of technical features. Wide, curved lenses provide enhanced field of vision, and feature Fresh Eyes™polarized lens technology that blocks blue light and diminishes eye strain on the brightest days. The low-density, bio-based nylon frames are lighter than traditional oil-based polymers—yet also provide higher strength and impact resistance. More than meets the eyes, indeed.

Blue Glass Lens

Black Matte Frames

Leaving before dawn and staying out past last light. You don’t even have to wonder—your buddy with the Nippers is up for it. They’ll reschedule whatever meeting or event is in the way of a day on the boat or any other adventure. They’re always in.

  • Frame Material:Sport
  • Lens Material:Glass
  • Size:Medium
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