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February 4th, 2016 - a day that will go down in Nor Cal surfamy: Maverick's was full on psycho today, and photographer Dave "Nelly" Nelson said, "Some of the heaviest waves I've seen in years!" This was a super-consistent, strong, El Nino-driven swell angled perfectly to give Mavs that long wall. The wind was straight offshore and maybe a little too straight, because all day long Mavericks was death or glory, as 50+ surfers hurled themselves over the ledge, hoping the wind would give them a break, let them get to the bottom, do a turn and run for glory. Truly, an epic day. As good as Mavericks gets, with the best surfers local and imported having a go. Mavericks has star power and shoots beautiful from all angles. Nelly took the shot on this surf sock hanging off a Personal Watercraft in the channel on the north side of the peak, looking through a pitching barrel at a surfer going for broke.

Medium = 4.5-8.5

Large = 7-12

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